Key Project Benefits

Unlocking private sector investment will be critical to achieving decarbonisation at the scale and pace needed to meet the UK’s Net Zero targets. PNZ Carbon helps to address this, providing a route for investment in housing decarbonisation by verifying the emission reductions and social value of housing retrofit projects, and originating carbon credits backed by those reductions.

Whilst other carbon credit projects view each tonne of carbon reduction as interchangeable, our projects focus on the positive impact retrofit has on people’s lives. They have an attached social impact value, based on the UK Social Value Bank, which enables buyers of our credits to model, monitor, and measure their social impact through improvements in resident health and wellbeing and in savings made to the Exchequer.

Our high-quality domestic retrofit projects help to tackle fuel poverty, by significantly reducing the heating demand of homes — increasing their energy efficiency and lowering bills. This creates warmer, healthier homes, and delivers broader value for the Exchequer, with every £1 spent on eradicating fuel poverty estimated to save the NHS 42p.

Improve the energy efficiency of homes, lowering energy bills.

Ease anxiety behind energy
security and the cost of living.

Support the health of residents by creating warmer, healthier homes

Benefits for Buyers

We work with buyers from across the UK economy, including those from the construction, real estate, property, technology, IT distribution, manufacturing, foodstuffs, transportation, logistics, retail, financial services, hospitality, sports and entertainment sectors.  These buyers are all looking to purchase high-integrity carbon credits to support localised impact in the communities in which they operate.

Our first vintage has now been successfully retired, for buyers including The Economist Group, Berkeley Group, Unity Trust Bank, Ibstock plc, Igloo Regeneration, Hunters Estate Agents, and Kinovo.

With each purchase of our carbon credits, you commit to 5 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, so you can be proud of the impact your company is delivering for the environment and in local communities. Our commitment to these targets demonstrates that our credits go the extra mile in supporting a sustainable future for all.

Offset your carbon emissions with transparent, localised credits from the UK

Invest directly in your local community of your offices, staff and customers

Generate over £10 of social value for every £1 invested (up to £40 in some scenarios)

Have full confidence that you are achieving genuine carbon emission reductions

Improve your reputation and brand image, driving customer satisfaction and loyally.

Establish your position as a green leader and gain a competitive advantage

Accurately quantify & communicate the benefits that your organisation has delivered

Create an impactful and transparent investment story while achieving your Net Zero commitments.

Saffron Housing Trust Resident

“It [the house] feels warmer and comfortable than the place I used to live at… We had a pay-as-you go meter, so I feel like at times my mum was sort of consciously looking at the meter to see how much she’d got left and trying to budget her way around… The house, it's efficient, it's cheaper. Like I say, it's a lot better for the environment…”

Saffron Housing Trust Resident

“My house was retrofitted about 5 months ago. The house is more comfortable, warmer, no damp. If it's better for me, it's better for my dog - everything what I do is for him, I just love him so much.”

About us

introducing the first closed-loop renewable ecosystem to power Net Zero.

Until now, traditional pathways to Net Zero have been costly, inaccessible and unreliable. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter.

PNZ Group is powering the transition to Net Zero, by funding the affordable decarbonisation of UK homes from the commercial demand for transparent, localised carbon credits. These carbon credits help fund the domestic home retrofit and renewable energy solutions without the need for further Government spending or costs to households.

Our self-sustaining approach brings together leading players from every aspect of the decarbonisation and renewable energy sectors.

Our three interdependent companies work together in harmony to power the UK’s transition to Net Zero, by making decarbonisation more affordable and switching to renewables more achievable. We’re connecting businesses and households, supply and demand, profit and purpose.

PNZ Group provides a scalable, workable solution to the UK’s number one challenge.

Join us in powering Net Zero.

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