Fight Climate Change. Driving Social Value.

Decarbonise UK Homes.

Join us in transforming Britain’s 26M homes into low-carbon assets.

Invest in local communities while delivering your Net Zero commitments.

About Us

At PNZ Carbon,We are tackling the UK’s biggest challenge to becoming a Net Zero economy – our carbon intensive housing stock.

We are funding the affordable retrofitting of British homes from the commercial demand for transparent, localised carbon credits. Our carbon credits can help fund domestic home retrofit without the need for further Government spending or the imposition of costs on households.

We are the only project developer in the world originating verified carbon credits for the decarbonisation of housing stock and the only developer with projects in local UK communities.

Crucially, our measurable and localised approach drives greater transparency and integrity.

What we do

The UK faces twin crises in climate change and fuel poverty. Until now, investment and progress have been lacking.

PNZ Carbon is delivering on the UK’s Net Zero targets by creating more efficient, healthier homes, by:

Financing the transition to Net Zero using high quality, local carbon credits.

Decarbonising the UK’s housing stock.

Driving social value and democratising Net Zero.

Tackling fuel poverty.

The Challenges

Homes are the single largest contributor of carbon emissions from the built environment, accounting for almost a quarter of the UK’s total carbon emissions and representing the largest barrier to reaching Net Zero by 2050.

It is estimated that £500bn is needed to upgrade UK homes by 2050. The scale of investment needed to tackle this means that unlocking private sector investment will be critical to decarbonising the housing stock, to ensure that households aren’t penalised in the transition.

Fuel poverty contributes to health inequalities, including respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Research shows that excess cold in homes costs the NHS £857m a year.

Why Engage?

Carbon monitoring and reporting are already being mandated alongside corporate decarbonisation strategies. Businesses like yours will need to take action.  Our carbon credits can help you to offset unabated operational and embedded carbon from your activities.

Investment in our transparent, localised carbon credits demonstrates a commitment to invest in impactful projects.

Watch our Sky News Interview to learn more about PNZ Carbon

About us

introducing the first closed-loop renewable ecosystem to power Net Zero.

Until now, traditional pathways to Net Zero have been costly, inaccessible and unreliable. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter.

PNZ Group is powering the transition to Net Zero, by funding the affordable decarbonisation of UK homes from the commercial demand for transparent, localised carbon credits. These carbon credits help fund the domestic home retrofit and renewable energy solutions without the need for further Government spending or costs to households.

Our self-sustaining approach brings together leading players from every aspect of the decarbonisation and renewable energy sectors.

Our three interdependent companies work together in harmony to power the UK’s transition to Net Zero, by making decarbonisation more affordable and switching to renewables more achievable. We’re connecting businesses and households, supply and demand, profit and purpose.

PNZ Group provides a scalable, workable solution to the UK’s number one challenge.

Join us in powering Net Zero.

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Join us in powering Net Zero, protecting people, places and the planet for generations to come.


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