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PNZ Carbon is facilitating the UK’s transition to Net Zero, by funding the affordable retrofitting of British homes from the commercial demand for transparent, localised carbon credits.

The funds raised from purchasing our carbon credits are channelled directly into delivering warmer, healthier homes, nationwide.

PNZ Carbon calculates the potential emission reductions using its methodology under the Verified Carbon Standard

HACT calculates the potential social value using its UK Social Value Bank methodology

In partnership with the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust (HACT) we currently fund over 100,000 retrofit projects across the UK, including homes in rural and urban communities and from all regions and countries.

“We work with delivery partners ranging from a small housing co-operative in Bristol to leading national housing associations and local authorities across the country. Our delivery partners now include over 200 housing providers, local authorities and installers with projects across the social housing, owner-occupied and private rental sectors. The diversity of our network has enabled us to test our unique approach across all forms of retrofit.”

We have approached the market with a fresh perspective, offering a scheme which works with local buyers to fund local emission reduction projects to deliver benefits in their own communities.

Our credits measure not just tonnes of carbon reduction but the social value that warmer, more energy-efficient homes deliver for people and communities, making sure that the benefits of decarbonisation are widely shared.

Our award-winning Retrofit Credits Model:

Quantifies both the tonnes of carbon reductions and the social value achieved through retrofit activity in UK homes.

Delivers verified carbon credits that provide localised, measurable, and accountable carbon reductions, certified under the Verified Carbon Standard

Uniquely drives uplift in local UK communities, through decarbonising homes and improving the health and mental wellbeing of residents.

Finances an effective climate transition with funds raised channelled directly back into further retrofit work.

We have pioneered a local circular model, with buyers funding local projects that deliver local benefits while working to achieve their Net Zero commitments. This unique model demonstrates our ongoing commitment to transparency and integrity.

An example of our model can be found in the London Borough of Camden. Camden Borough Council has partnered with PNZ Carbon and HACT to launch the ‘Camden Retrofit Credit Scheme’, which features in the council's third yearly review of its Climate Action Plan. The scheme allows Camden-based organisations to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits secured directly from energy efficiency improvements made to housing in the borough. We are launching six more local models with local authorities, combined authorities and business improvement districts across England.

Retrofit work is completed in a defined geographic area.

Businesses purchase verified carbon credits, while supporting the communities in which they operate.

Funds are channelled directly into delivering warmer, healthier homes, to those that need it the most.

About us

introducing the first closed-loop renewable ecosystem to power Net Zero.

Until now, traditional pathways to Net Zero have been costly, inaccessible and unreliable. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter.

PNZ Group is powering the transition to Net Zero, by funding the affordable decarbonisation of UK homes from the commercial demand for transparent, localised carbon credits. These carbon credits help fund the domestic home retrofit and renewable energy solutions without the need for further Government spending or costs to households.

Our self-sustaining approach brings together leading players from every aspect of the decarbonisation and renewable energy sectors.

Our three interdependent companies work together in harmony to power the UK’s transition to Net Zero, by making decarbonisation more affordable and switching to renewables more achievable. We’re connecting businesses and households, supply and demand, profit and purpose.

PNZ Group provides a scalable, workable solution to the UK’s number one challenge.

Join us in powering Net Zero.

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Join us in powering Net Zero, protecting people, places and the planet for generations to come.


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