As the only project developer accredited to quantify domestic carbon savings and originate carbon credits from retrofit projects in local UK communities, we offer an innovative solution which delivers  investment in the communities of your customers, employees and stakeholders while advancing the UK’s progress to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

The UK has the oldest housing stock in Europe, which means that the UK needs to do more than many other countries to eliminate emissions from its housing stock.

Our model unlocks additional funding into housing retrofit by verifying retrofit projects’ emission reductions and social value and originating verified carbon credits backed by those emission reductions. The measures we are currently funding include:

Adding insulation that increases the resistance to conductive heat loss within the building envelope (e.g. loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, draught-proofing, floor insulation, replacement of window glazing)

Improving the efficiency of, or replacing, central heating components (e.g. cylinder insulation, thermostat or other controls, boiler upgrade or replacement with a heat pump)

By applying these measures, the energy consumption for heating and cooling is reduced, which results in a reduction of carbon emissions.

Uniquely, our approach considers the social impact associated with housing retrofit.

Upgrading the energy efficiency of homes supports households by creating warmer, healthier homes while lowering energy bills and improving residents’ health and mental well-being.

Each carbon credit has a social value figure related to a range of social outcomes, including resident health and well-being and, where applicable, the value to the Exchequer.

These social value outcomes have been developed using the UK Social Value Bank methodology developed by HACT and Simetrica-Jacobs.  The UK Social Value Bank remains the largest set of methodologically consistent social values in the world and is the only social value tool that measures the positive impact of housing decarbonisation.

Our approach is recognised in HM Treasury’s Green Book – the UK Government’s core guide to policy evaluation – as a method for placing values on things that do not have a market value.

This enables you to model, monitor, and measure the social impact of your investment through improvements in resident health and well-being.

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introducing the first closed-loop renewable ecosystem to power Net Zero.

Until now, traditional pathways to Net Zero have been costly, inaccessible and unreliable. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter.

PNZ Group is powering the transition to Net Zero, by funding the affordable decarbonisation of UK homes from the commercial demand for transparent, localised carbon credits. These carbon credits help fund the domestic home retrofit and renewable energy solutions without the need for further Government spending or costs to households.

Our self-sustaining approach brings together leading players from every aspect of the decarbonisation and renewable energy sectors.

Our three interdependent companies work together in harmony to power the UK’s transition to Net Zero, by making decarbonisation more affordable and switching to renewables more achievable. We’re connecting businesses and households, supply and demand, profit and purpose.

PNZ Group provides a scalable, workable solution to the UK’s number one challenge.

Join us in powering Net Zero.

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